Words from the Chair

We have significant progress to report again this season.

Most significantly we are happy to see the ever growing use of the park and trail. We are seeing people of all ages out there enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Be it on the trail, in the park, along the shores or on the water; doing so in all the ways we were hoping to promote.

As planned last year, two new docks were installed largely through the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We are encouraged to see individuals and groups taking advantage of the improved access to the ponds.

This past summer saw, what we hope will become an annual event; the dragon boat "race for the cure" fund raiser.

We were happy to add birding information to our website. Sam Strachan has been busy documenting our bird population and updating his blog on this website.

Future plans include paving the trail to the Golden Pond Seniors residence, a bridge to span the East Gap, and also paving the trail to the 7th concession

We are fortunate to have a very motivated group, dedicated to make things happen and to maintain what we have built to date. The county has really stepped up to maintain the parkland areas and is providing annual brush trimming along the trails.

As always community support has been fantastic, with 15 different organizations plus numerous individuals providing financial and hands-on support.

Thank you very much; all committee members and all our supporters. You all played a part that was crucial to our progress.

Andy Kooistra

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