In the heart of our town lies a diamond in the rough--a waterfront we can barely see let alone appreciate. The mostly derelict railway corridor that passes the old train station has been lying unused and untended for a couple of decades. Just take a walk and find yourself surrounded by encroaching weeds and scrub brush. fight through the thicket and just try to cast a line from the overgrown shoreline. Drive along the old line dodging muddy potholes and flooded areas caused by silted drainage, bike along a trail that ends in a gap where a bridge once spanned. It is easy to imagine that this could be a better place.

Waterford is a picturesque town of about 3000 situated in Norfolk County on the north shore of Lake Erie. Dating back to the late 1700's, it's history includes manufacturing, a period of importance in railway transportation and agriculture. The legacy of the past is still very visible in historic buildings that have found contemporary uses and the abandoned rail lines that have of late come back to life in the form of trails that connect our communities and the Trans Canada Trail system beyond.

Waterford is a community that is truly proud of the involvement of it's citizens in various activities and committee initiatives. Waterford is recognized as an active hub in the region of Norfolk County. The community has already shown immense interest in our park/trail project and there is no doubt this will continue into the future.

We envision a site that retains much of it's rustic look, but where;

  • Hikers and cyclists can gain easy access to the Waterford Heritage Trail that runs through town
  • Anglers will have access to fishing
  • There are spots to stop and appreciate the tranquil scenes that are our Waterford Ponds
Our plan is to pursue the development of the area defined loosely as that portion of rail lands from Main St to the "High Level" Bridge. We foresee a green space that includes:
This will be a place that enhances current activities and generally promotes the use of the site by all residents of our town.

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