We greatly appreciate the work of various individuals and groups who are keeping our space neat , accessible and enjoyable. Without their dedication throughout the season, Shadow Lake  just wouldn't be the place it is!

Maintaining sections of Shadow Lake Trail and Vistas are:

  • Charlie &Harriet Winkworth
  • Suzan Yates
  • Bill & Janet Brunton
  • Wayne Laing
  • Fred Mayo and family
  • Hilary Young
  • Jacob Monture
  • Jon Tollenaar
  • Brian Holden
  • Terry Brown
  • Bob Lafleur
  • Frank Antkiw

Thank You !!!!

Every spring we have a clean up day which usually includes tree planting. Thank you to all these volunteers as well and to those who have donated trees!!!

Norfolk County recreation staff have also been diligently maintaining the grass cutting even as the site has been expanding. Great Job !! Randy and team!

Norfolk county is studying ways of implementing a regular schedule of grass and brush cutting for the entire outlying trail system.

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