March 23rd- Exciting news

Since the last post there have been a few new species, notably a pair of trumpeter swans and a screech owl. The spring migration has started, soon many new species will be coming through Waterford. The recent warm weather has encouraged many species to start to nest. Last year there was a swans nest in the pond off mechanic St. Andy Kooistra ("rusty") and I went out to see if it was nesting again. It was rather rough but we ended up getting to the area and while looking along the shore we found this:

If you are not familiar this is a Bald Eagle's nest! I have seen a bald eagle a few times in the past week but i didn't know they were nesting. It is mind blowing that a eagle would chose Waterford to live and raise young. They usually come back to the same nest every year. Although we didn't see the eagle with the nest (yet) i'm sure this is it's nest. I will continue to monitor this until the eaglets fledge. 

After this we continued looking for the swan nest. We eventually found it a bit farther north. They were mute swans an invasive species sadly. They were brought over by wealthy British people. They appeared to be making a nest when we came. There were also many red-winged blackbirds nesting and calling. The habitat is mainly made of dried cattails. The water is only about a foot and a half deep. I am very interested to see what else will nest there as migration begins

June 30th 2015- Young Baltimore orioles and Indigo Bunting 

Recently many bird species have been either leaving Waterford in favor of northern habitat or starting to nest. Around this time of year is when you'll hear many males singing. 

There are many warblers sticking around including chestnut sided, myrtle, and yellow, as well as many others.

 Pictured below is a indigo bunting in the willow tree near nickle street. They can winter as far down as Mexico. 

In that same willow tree I saw a Baltimore oriole and five fledglings. Below on the left is a male adult and on the right is a female adult below them are fledgling.

Adult Male
Fledgling Male
Adult Female
Another species that seems to have many nesting sites near the ponds is the eastern king bird (pictured below). King birds are very aggressive towards other birds they see as a threat. This leads many other species to nest near them so they get protection from cowbirds and predators. 


June 2015- So Far This Year

So far this year I have seen many species at the ponds. Notably I have seen a pair of nesting baltimore oriols, a pair of nesting king birds, a few sightings of a bald eagle, both downy and hairy woodpeckers, and many yellow warblers (complete list and counts below).

I was really thrilled to see as many yellow warblers as I have, the majority being on the trails from Mechanic to Alice or off of Nickel street, if you are interested in the more colorful birds that is definitely the place to go. Along with the yellow warblers, I have seen baltimore orioles, downy and hairy woodpeckers, Catbirds, Tree swallows, and barn swallows near that area. 

 I feel that the trails are a excellent place for many bird species to live and nest in, over the summer I will be working to catalog the species as well as running a nesting box project (more information on this in a future post).


This Blog is about the great birding available in Waterford. You may also see posts about a bird house project starting this July.

If you have any birding check lists or pictures of the trails, you may email them to me at the email below. I would love to see them, and I may include them in a future blog. 

 -----------------------------------   Samuel Strachan:

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