Waterford Rail Lands Redevelopment Committee

 The Waterford RLRC was inaugurated on May 26, 2011. Present, were Mark Boerkamp (representing Norfolk County), Terry Bonnet (Waterford Heritage Trail-President), Frank Woodcock (Waterford Heritage Trail- Treasurer), David Douglas (Citizen), Karen Lindsay (Waterford and Townsend Historical Society), Cheryl Murphy-Simon (Waterford and District Horticultural Society), Melissa Collver (Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum- Curator), Paul Hrvoyevich (Waterford Lions), Andy Kooistra (Citizen and Convener), all of whom had expressed an interest in seeing the abandoned   railway property, recently acquired by Norfolk County, developed into a usable recreational area. 

The initiative has the enthusiastic backing of the county and at the suggestion of Mark Boerkamp, it was decided that organizationally, a simple way forward was to have our group  become a committee of the already established Waterford Heritage Trail. Subsequently, Mr. Frank Woodcock and Mr.Terry Bonnett, executives of the WHT placed the proposal before their board and the arrangement was agreed to.

The purpose of our group is to pursue the development of the area defined loosely as that portion of land from Main St to the "Black" Bridge to Mechanic Street. We foresee a green space that includes the Waterford Trail, incorporates the Old Train Station and the Museum, enhances the existing fishing and boating activities and generally promotes the use of the site by all residents of our town.

The committee has been actively perusing avenues of funding. We have retained Robert Judd to develop an initial concept drawing of the entire area. We have initiated contact with all authorities that have jurisdiction. 

We presented the concept to the public in 2012 and it is our intention that the development process continues to be as open as possible and we encourage ideas from all interested parties. Minutes of our meetings are available upon request.

                                                   Want to be involved?

For those interested in providing financial support, we would be happy to arrange a presentation for you with Robert Judd and some members of our committee.


This year we are actively looking for volunteers to do the care and maintenance of small portions of the trail from the train station to the boardwalk section (perhaps 100m or 200m or so; or a "look out" spot); ideal for a family or small group.

Please contact us if you would like to participate.


Thank you for your interest. Your support is very much appreciated.


Andy Kooistra, Chair

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